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Chick Magnet

How old is he? He’s adorable!

Sure, you can try the traditional route. Borrow a friend’s puppy and go to the mall in DC for a few hours to see how many women swoon at the adorable little fellow fumbling all over himself and biting your fingers with his teeny pincers. But different cultures are attracted to different things.

At least so I imagine. I see two men talking over tea. “I’m headed out of town for a few days; can you watch my water buffalo? Just take him for a walk twice a day and give him a bath if he rolls in his own crap. Walk along the smoggy highway if you can. He’s a total chick magnet. You’ll love him. You can even use my umbrella if the sun is bad.”

I have no delusions that I’m the only honey hunter in Pokhara after all.

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