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Me Likes the Honey

The Hunt is On

As most people know, I consider myself something of a honey hunter, so imagine my surprise when I went to rent a mountain bike ($3/day!) and they had this beautiful machine with my moniker emblazoned on the side.

Together we trolled the outskirts of Pokhara today, looking for street photos and, of course, honey. We made it to the International Mountain Museum, bounced along loopingly through several dirt-road neighborhoods, and then headed about 7 or 8 miles southeast to Begnas Tal, a quiet lake and pleasant day trip from Pokhara. Except of course for the tailpipe that might as well be strapped to your lungs for the bulk of that leg.

Begnas Tal
Dirt track around Begnas Tal

But before I left town, I had to take a photo of the bike here in the Tourist Bus Stop parking lot with the Annapurna massif in the background. I have a feeling we’ll meet again to go honey hunting. Some things you just know in your heart.

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