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I Did Nothing Today

(And that makes me deep)

I made a commitment to a strictly sedentary Tuesday (after my liaison with EOS and close encounter with the Meat Men of course). I climbed the steep hill on the west end of Bandipur, found a comfy rock and stayed there from 9am to 3:30 in the afternoon. I read a bit, took a few photos, snacked on some bananas, and shared some limited conversation with one French woman, two pairs of curious boys, and one old man who kept telling me how beautiful the Himalaya are from there. I’m sure he was actually saying much more, but those were the only words I understood.

I tried to conjure some conversation from the Nepali-language section of my guidebook but could only find things like “I have diarrhea” and “I want a one-way ticket.” I kind of wish I’d said the latter. That might’ve blown his mind if he’s the philosophical type. “A one way ticket is all we get, my cosmic friend…”

In any case, I thought that since the view is such a draw for Bandipur, a landscape shot was obligatory. It’s a little mind bending, as it’s approximately a 200-degree view (and a lazy stitch job of 3 images). I took root on one of the rocks to the left end of the photo. The sunset below was shot by shifting just left/west of the edge of the photo above (though a few days earlier I must confess–hunger got the best of me holding this spot until sundown).

bandipur sunset

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