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It's nice to get a 'namaste' from someone other than a part-time urban yogi

My Voyeuristic Visit to a Local Private School

One of the family members at my guest house is a mathematics teacher, so I decided to join him on a visit to his school. Funny how school uniforms are the same all over the world. The lovely young vice principal gave me a tour of each of the classrooms and I received a stand-up, formal greeting that reminded me of when a priest would enter CCD back in the day. Two classes sang me a Nepali song that I think was about this guy who got drunk and tried to steal a piano, but there’s a legitimate chance that I’m mistaken.

The Vice Principal

I was surprised to learn that all classes except Nepali Language are taught in English. I can’t imagine learning mathematics and science in another language. I had enough trouble in English. Sometimes I think the only reason I passed trigonometry was because, as my high school trig teacher used to say, “Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.”

Lakhman's geometry class


  1. Hans

    I love the ties! They seem a little unsure about how relevant they are.

  2. How have you managed to stay healthy with all the questionable food?

  3. Dad

    what beautiful children! … and people et al

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