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On the Road Again

Where there’s smoke, there’s incense.

Sorry, ringing the bell can't keep me in town. Sweet gesture though.

Eventually I had to leave the kelly-green comfort of the edge-of-Dhulikel Tashidale guesthouse (not because I did anything lewd and got thrown out but one can’t just sit in one place forever, especially not in my family), which is highly recommended by me to anyone looking to sneak away from Kathmandu for a couple days. Run by a sweet Nepalese family who are interested in their guests but not invasive. Cheap, great views, big cups of masala tea. Quiet.

I need to get to Kathamandu again eventually but am first looking forward to walking town to town (up and down the dial) for a few days in a clockwise loop around the Kathmandu Valley to Namobuddha Monastery and Panauti and then hopping a bus back to the capital.

So anyway, kicked off the day hanging out with this door with great smoke arcs while waiting briefly to pay the proprietor. Snapped a few photos of the town before heading back up past the Kali temple and onward toward a monastery along a pretty clear trail that criss-crosses a dirt road. Not exactly going into the deep dark unknown to learn martial arts from Liam Neeson, but moving to the next town on foot as far as I felt like that day.

Behold, I have now written the kind of travel blog post I vowed never to draft: a dull documentation of my day. Enjoy!

Dhulikel kids dramatically despondent over my departure

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  1. Randal

    Much like the Dhulikel kids in your photo above, some of us in the U.S. were also dramatically despondent over your departure. Not me, personally. But I heard a few people were.

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