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I Think I’m in Kathmandu

That’s really really where I’ve come back to.

If I were to post a photo representative of my day it would be of my photo browser on my computer. That would be so meta. Most of the day was catching up on editing photos and the blog, from my hotel room, where I ate my egg chowmein and consumed Nepalese tea like I was on a stakeout (a stakeout that had tea instead of coffee that is). At least it was productive-ish.

I might’ve stayed another night in Panauti but the town didn’t do much for me. Maybe it’s temple fatigue. There’s an argument that the pagoda originated in Nepal and it certainly was a hit. I imagine people got tired of seeing them everywhere though, like Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies, or Tom Hanks (until they release a sequel to The Man With One Red Shoe, I’m boycotting his movies).

Beside me on the 90-minute bus back to Kathmandu was an excessively gleeful Nepali boy who co-read On the Road over my shoulder the entire time. Good luck with that.

So, instead of a photo of my computer, a photo of books. Because I only left my room for a few hours today to browse for new reading material and eat dinner. And because I only took half a dozen photos today. Paralyzed by so many options at so many bookshops, I returned to my hotel without any new tales to dive into during the fast-approaching Everest Base Camp trek. Why couldn’t there just be one crappy bookstore forcing me to read Amy Tan? Don’t you know I’m a Gemini? You can’t give me options like this; it’s just not realistic to expect me to make a decision and commit to it. (No really, on a supporting historical side note, a college girlfriend astrologer once shouted at me, “Can you be an earth sign for five minutes!”)

My traveling chum Maggie from DC will be here in two days and in four we’ll be on our way toward Everest Base Camp. Funny to be looking at a schedule again, but much looking forward to it and getting back out of Kathmandu. The next few days are primarily preparation—double-checking lists and ticking off items, maintaining an attention span and” focusing” on planning. I suspect my post-trek list of what I forgot will be longer.

In any case, even though it’s been a day of seclusion, I feel like I got a bit better of a grip in going over the last week, and that goes a long way toward maintaining some sanity in constant transience. Which is nice.

Downtown Thamel, backpacker central, Kathmandu

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