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Today We Shop, for Tomorrow We Fly

Pennywise the clown sherpa
Pennywise the clown sherpa

Maggie has to wear these ruby quartz battle goggles to control the optic blast that emanates from her eyes. Yeti beware.

Today we had a happy shopathon for sunglasses (these didn’t make the final cut I’m sad to say), warm clothing, friendly foodstuffs, and a wee tin of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving wherever we may be; failed to heal the heart of my dying laptop (which seems to have more viruses than the cast of a cheap porn movie); met with our semi-guide Milan (I love the term ‘semi-guide.’ It’s as though he’ll give you hints how to move on to the next level of a video game but isn’t going to post cheats online); and gorged on the delights of Tibetan momos and thukpa. Well, I gorged, eating my entire portion and half of Maggie’s. It’s key to take advantage of your jetlagged companion while you can.

No sad solo drunken party night is complete without Brainvita, the tactful game for single person.

The crippling of my computer seems like a weak test of what I’ve been trying to grasp gratuitously over the last couple months in terms of Buddhist acceptance. So for the time being, I accept that in the words of my father, my computer may have “shit the bed.” Rather than clean the sheets, I’ll move to the next bed for now. Life is suffering, and everything is temporary, so just deal with it.

Two words: Monkey Ludo. Three letters: WTF?

Gotta get up in only a few hours to catch a 6:15am flight to Lukla, unto what the History channel lists as the world’s most extreme airport. I’ve got statistics out the wazoo about this airport but I’d be remiss to omit a blog entry dedicated completely to that airport. So that comes later. For now, sleep and hopeful dreams of the high Himalaya. Scratch that. The highest Himalaya. I cannot lie; I want at least a fleeting glimpse of the highest point on earth: Mt. Everest, Sagarmatha, Qomolangma, or my personal favorite, Peak XV.

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