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Welcome to the Khumbu. Visitors are Encouraged to Refrain from Taking Life

First view of the Khumbu after passing through the entrance gate

There’s a formal gate when you enter the Khumbu region (photo above), a once-remote area whose elevation rises from 11,000 feet to the peak of Everest. There are only a very few passes in or out (for now we’ll disregard the number of helipads). Even though it’s a heavily beaten track, it still feels like a magical place.

The gate is another reminder that we’re among the Himalaya, but the cloud cover continues to hide the real evidence. It’s like someone took a giant eraser to the skies around us. But the glimpses we get, even of forests, rivers, and rocks, are stunning.

So as we made our way from Phakding to Namche Bazaar, it’s amazing how much mountain-free exhilaration there is to be had, but we’re still anxious to see some crazy-high, badass, jagged geography.

Clouds clouds go away. Perhaps tomorrow, which is an acclimatization day, where we basically chill here in Namche Bazaar (about 11,300 feet) so our oxygen-hungry brains can catch their breath and stop calling us nasty names and we can continue up up up.

Guidelines in the Khumbu. Once you leave though, feel free to stop refraining.

It will give us a day to consider the guidelines of the Khumbu, noted in a sign beside the gate and placed here for your viewing convenience.

Flickr photos from the day’s trekking

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  1. Marie

    I came to this blog via a recommendation. Thank you for sharing your travels with us: neat layout, mesmerizing photography, and fresh writing that is very engaging. It is fun to follow you through your steps.

    Enjoy your further travels!

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