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Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Mountains in Nepal

Hiked up over a ridge to a chorten to chill upon and wait and hope for the clouds to shift. It was quite the unveiling when we’d suddenly get voila moments like the photo above, which each only lasted a matter of seconds. If I photoshopped together all the little windows that popped up like whack-a-mole moles, all the wee holes that eroded briefly in the blanket of clouds only to weave back quickly to gray, I could probably formulate a pretty accurate panorama. But that would be silly.

On a clearer day we could’ve seen Everest, but these views were wonderfully satisfying glimpses of the peaks surrounding us. And, word has it, no flights today either from Kathamandu to Lukla…

So, in any case, hooray for the Himalaya. I told you they existed. You never listen to me.

Flickr photo set from Day 3

The Nothing arrives to devour the trail forward

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