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Tengboche, Where the Demons Dwell

Tengboche monastery entrance with a creepy shadow preparing to invoke a ritualistic action of titillating proportions

Despite some liberties taken by the producers, the Tengboche Monastery is the location of where the real Golden Child scene took place when Chandler Jarrell traveled to the opposite ends of the earth to acquire the sacred knife that would kill Numspa. The bad guy. If you want to understand what it’s really like to be in this region, watch this movie.

Steep day. We went a little up, then we went down for a while, and then we went up. And up. And up. Twice I felt nauseous. The second time was significant and I got nervous that I wouldn’t be able to go much further. As it turned out, our day’s end in Tengboche (12,687 feet) was literally just around the corner and only about another vertical 50 feet around a switchback.

The site was originally established as a religious location 350 years ago, and the monastery built in 1916, facing sufficient destruction over the years that you’d think they’d get the hint. 1934 earthquake, 1989 fire, and infinite tickling throughout. They hadn’t a chance.

tengboche prayer wheels
I think these are relatively wicked old prayer wheels. But with renovations these days, well, it's just so hard to say for sure.

I don’t know how monks feel about being on the Everest highway. Is it a boon? Or is it like finding out that the state has taken your considerably remote front yard by eminent domain and turned it into an interstate? I will say that it’s a beautiful monument to have across the lawn from your lodgings. Close enough that you can mash through the fog for creepy fun photos after sundown.

Bigger news than the fog that rolled in at dusk is the fact that we awoke to mountains. Blue skies and a surprise party of lingering giants around us who had quietly hidden throughout the fog (god bless ‘em). Beautiful beautiful day, despite the amount of cursing at the last half’s incline. Amazing what context the views lend.

Complete Day 4 photos available on Flickr.

Black and white, high-contrast photos make everything creepier

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  1. Hans

    quite the Flickr images to go with that, too! (In case another reader has not followed that link.)

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