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The Boldest Bovine I Know

She haunts my dreams…

suspension bridge
Long-ass suspension bridge

At the end of a long suspension bridge awaits a cow who fears nothing. She’s got nothing left to lose. A train of yaks means nothing to her. They know the deal. If they want to cross the bridge and exit the Khumbu, there’s a price to pay and if they refuse, well, so much the worse for them.

Unfortunately the bloody scuffle was too shocking and happened so fast shortly after this photo that I was unable to document it. Just note, if you come across a cow in the mountains, it’s best to just do what it says.

It’s only because we heeded this advice that we made it successfully from Namche Bazaar back to Lukla today, arriving in the early dusk to complete our trekking adventure. When we got our room, which was probably close to 50 degrees, I nonetheless lay in my sleeping bag fully clothed, with Maggie’s sleeping bag on top of me for about an hour shivering. That’s what I get for exposing myself.

Tomorrow we get up about 5 to be at the airport when it opens and change our open tickets to a flight that leaves tomorrow, insha’Allah. I want a steak in Kathmandu. Don’t tell the cow.

Flickr photos from today’s hike from Namche Bazaar to Lukla

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