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The Men of Patan

We’re all familiar with their reputation, and here they are  in the flesh, the famous “Men of Patan,” in street clothes.

Just a few miles south of Kathmandu, Patan, aka Lalitpur is at least a couple thousand years old and, as you would probably guess, was initially designed in the shape of a wheel of righteousness. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means you pay a small admission to see it and are not allowed to pee on the temples.

It’s also a quiet town and nice place to stay instead of Kathmandu. Maggie and I went out for a nice Indian dinner and suddenly felt like laid-back expats again instead of just weary travelers in search of shelter.

dusk silhouettes in patan's durbar square
Sunset over Patan's Durbar Square

Flickr photo gallery of Patan

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