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Tuesday Bloody Tuesday

Cautionary Note: there’s a gory photo of a goat getting his throat cut that you may already be looking at on this page.

I couldn’t put a lead photo of a goat’s throat being slit. But I kinda wanted to. If you’re going to eat meat, you should be able to witness a slaughter. That’s my motto. But this blog isn’t just for vegetarians. So I led with just a photo of the feet of the throat cutter on the marble temple floor in between squeegee moppings.

goat getting its throat slit
The slaughtering of another goat

I did find it interesting that nobody at the Dakshinkali Temple seemed too squeamish. Well, there were a few little kids who weren’t really into all the blood. And although they arrived with the glee of dogs going to the park, the goats were nonplussed when they deducted the details of day’s festivities. Chickens are just stupid, so you couldn’t really expect them to care so much.

It was an impressively routine, rapid, and regimented series of sacrifices, with long lines of people bearing animals and looks on their faces like they were last in line at the bank. After the slaughter, the animals were dressed and butchered and families had a picnic. The animals were killed quickly, the meat was not wasted.

Kali loves blood. Nepalis love a picnic. Win win.

Flickr photo gallery of Dakshinkali

sacrificial waiting line
Some sacrifices are more difficult to make than others

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