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“Do You Feel a Painful Sensation?”

Back in Kathmandu to tend to my right middle finger, which over the last week has swollen up like a walnut (the size of a walnut that is; I know that walnuts don’t swell).

Hit the excellent CIWEC clinic, where Scottish Dr. Robin (he’s a man you must believe, helping everyone in need) drove a needle underneath my fingernail to relieve the pus (you can see this being initiated in the lead image at top). Which was extensive. I think at least a shot glass of pus.

As he slid the needle about ¼ inch or so beneath the fingernail (coming in from the side so as to catch the pus by surprise), he asked me, “Do you feel a painful sensation?” You could call it that. “Yes. I feel a painful sensation.” After all, there was a needle underneath my fingernail.

After a good bit of squeezing, it was a bit more shrivelly and pus-deprived, so we wrapped it in gauze and he told me to encourage the pus out in warm water tonight (“Go on, pus! You can do it!”) and gave me some topical antibiotics. He suspects it’s a staph infection but will have lab test results to be certain in a few days.

Kudos and thanks to Maggie for capturing the moment in these photos.

pus finger
Some of the later drips of viscous pus ooze out of my finger

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