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Sell me a shirt, Little Boy

hanuman dhoka, kathmandu
Hanuman Dhoka, ancient home of the pagoda people

Bazaar photo from the outskirts of the main bus station. The young boy was interested in selling me a shirt (all business, kids today). The smoking woman was sizing me up as a possible suitor I think. But for the language difficulties, I think we could’ve really had something.

Meandered more today and checked out Hanuman Dhoka, the king’s palace and temple grounds from olden times. As opposed to the more modern, 1950s palace that the royal family lived in until they were ousted a couple years ago. And never redecorated. I think if they’d bothered to change the décor, they might’ve reigned longer.

blue old woman
She only wears blue. Always has. Always will. God bless.

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