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Gorkha! Gorkha!

gorkha people and mountains at dusk
They're all in cahoots in this town.

Gorkha Durbar, home of Prithvi Narayan Shah, the man who unified Nepal in the 18th Century when nobody was looking.

He’s got a fort and temple at the top of a steep hill. Like Vlad the Impaler, but less famous and not an impaler. Which gives him an edge in my book.

I didn’t stay as long as would’ve been nice. Two things disrupted the peaceful solitude that this photo implies: (1) a group of local high-school boys and girls who followed me about and each had a photo taken with me. I think they thought I was Santa Claus. Not the first time. (2) I really had to go to the bathroom. It was cool though, I made it to the bathroom and everything was okay.

gorkha youth with cameras
I'm considered something of a 'hero' to the Nepalese youth
gossip gals
Gossiping gals of Gorkha and their momma's boy

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