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Children of the Hay

himalayas on the roof
It kinda looks like the Himalayas are on the roof of this house. They're not though.

Despite their cries for help, there was nothing I could do. The truck was moving too fast, and the hay was consuming them too quickly. This image still haunts me to this day. But it also reminds me why I’m taking this trip, of how life is fleeting, and how it can be so cruel and unusual, especially to children.

I followed this dirt road today until it ended after a few miles. It just ended. Like a highway that suddenly lost funding. Except, it’s a dirt road that just ends on a ledge. They might be waiting for a geological shift to do the heavy lifting on the next leg, as otherwise there really isn’t very far it can go.

So I sat here, where the dirt road ends, and read for a little bit until some young boys found me. They always do, the whippersnappers.

end of dirt road
Where the dirt road ends.

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