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Bespin-Destined Gondolas

Stylish Shuttles for that Special Sojourn of Sacrifice

you must be this tall sign
If you're smaller than the pilgrim child, you can ride for free. But if you are taller than the creepy white Bedouin boy, I'm afraid you'll have to pay the adult fare.

If you need to get up a big hill to make sacrifices to the wish-filling goddess, you might as well build a kickass cable car to get there. Which I appreciated and embraced rather than hike back down the 3,000 feet to road level. I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit for the stats, so here they are, copied and pasted from the cable car’s official website:

Technical Details
Required Power (Starting): 523 kW
Passengers per Carrier: 6 Nos
Requied Power (Continue): 420 kW
No of Towers: 20 Nos
Type: 6 MGD 215
No of Carriers: 31 Nos
Horizontal Length: 2772.20 MT
Vertical Rise: 1033.60 MT
Incline Length: 3023.75
Hourly Capacity: 600 Persons
Average Grandient: 37.26%
Speed on Line: 0-6 MT/SEC
No of Freight Carriers: 3 Nos
Generator Capacity: 800 kW
Haul Rope Diameter: 41 MM
The Tallest Tower: Tower 11
Trip Time: 8.40 Min (at speed of 6 MT/SEC)

If you’re like me, you probably did a double take when you read that Tower 11 is the tallest. But you can’t argue with statistics, and that’s definitely one I’ll be breaking out casually at cocktail parties.

After descending into the fog, I bought some Kurkure and waited for the next bus to Pokhara, a few hours west. The plan is to just chill out again around there for a couple days before my 7-hour bus to 3-hour bus to 20-hr train to Delhi for about 12 hours and then another 24-hour ish train to Mumbai, from where I’ll be flying back to the States for holiday hiatus.

goat gondola
As in many non-Western countries, sacrificial animals are considered second-class citizens and are only allowed to ride in designated goat gondolas.

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