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Do-Nothing Day in Pokhara

I spent most of my day sitting on my windowsill reading and watching people go by, such as these two women on a motor scooter. The edge of Lake Pokhara is at the top of the photo.

menu misspellings
I hate having to choose between a sandwitch and snakes.


  1. Ana-Maria

    Haha. That menu is great! I think becoming an international menu translator would be quite lucrative.Every restaurant needs one( almost). I’ve thought about this before and this picture just reinforces my gut instinct.

    • expatmonkey

      There MUST be a flickr group on this now that I think of it. Kinda like misused quotation marks. I also liked a menu that had one heading of “Mexican (Greek).”

  2. Chris Holt

    Keith, how did you get the moving subject to be in focus, while the still background was blurry?
    Love the blog is btw…

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