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Barefoot, Deflated Delight

julie and boy
Julie makes a friend

After bidding “farewell to the Juba mongoose,” Julie and I went for a stroll through a nearby village to exchange “good mornings” at five in the afternoon with wee children and watch boys play soccer with a flat ball. The ringer was the boy in the boot. You’ve gotta watch out for that boot. It’s dynamite.

Elsewhere, one naked little boy attempted to adopt Julie. No luck. Unfortunately I was unable to get a photo of the little boy with the best t-shirt, an aqua tee with the words “That’s it! I’m calling 1-800-GRANDMA!” But when I lowered my camera he began crying and hugging the leg of a family member. It seemed rude to peel him off and pin him down just for the photo. I thought about it though.

Juba Flickr photo gallery slowly loading here.

young Sudanese girl
I have no caption for this but to say that it is a photo of a young girl, which you probably already figured out.

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