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Extreme Fowl Fitness Routines

There’s not always a lot to do for future meat in Southern Sudan, but they do their best to stay fit any way they can.

Last night I asked what time we’d be departing Rumbek for the Western Bahr el Ghazal big city of Wau (as in, “Wow, this is not a big city”). Response: “9am.”

“How long is the drive?”

(Pause) “If we leave here at 10, we’ll arrive about 3.”

After arrival I was able to wander for a couple hours with just my point and shoot. I was treated to tea by an SPLA soldier. Somebody asked if I had any interested in visiting a young girl. It was good to be back out for a stroll somewhere after comfortably cooped up in Juba for several days. Tomorrow we are off north into Warrab state. I don’t know anything more specific than that.

people and animals
People with stuff on their heads and animals. I have a lot of these.
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