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Muppet Baby Lords of the Flies

They were a community solely comprising children. At least, so it appeared for five seconds through the car window on our way toward Kuajok, the administrative capital of Warrab. So I’m going to promulgate this foul lie.

I don’t know where I am tonight, other than in very cozy ACF compound somewhere. Watched an episode of the Mexican soap opera El Nombre del Amor with the local staff. It was the one where Pauloma is supposed to marry the dying Gabriel but then finds out that Emiliano was never intimate with her hot blonde friend so she has to make a tough decision about her future.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Pauloma, in your own way.” So sweet. So tender.

bridge in south sudan
One of my last bridge photos after it was suggested I might be targeting it for bombing. Unfortunately, this bridge could probably be taken out by a baboon with a decent hammer.

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