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Oh Say Can You See

Years of civil war, torrential rains, searing heat, and, perhaps, poor build quality, have had an effect on many a Southern Sudanese flag. Nonetheless, you’ll see them flying proudly in conditions such as this ubiquitously as the region is finally on a firm road (something I haven’t seen a lot of recently) to July 9 independence.

I have also been told that a plain red flag indicates a military location. I asked what the white flags represent.

“It usually indicates that this is a house that supports peace…sometimes it also indicates a location where you can buy local-made alcohol.”

child with ful pot on head
I took a lot of telephoto portraits of people glancing across the plain with that "hey, it's a white dude" look on their faces.

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  1. Kathy

    Flags in cattle camps represent promises of dowry for marriage.

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