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The Village People

boy in distance
Queue the Star Wars Tatooine dual sunset music

We’re now based in the village of Aweng, which has the best ful this side of the Nile (though to be fair, I’m not positive where the Nile is right now), which is good, because it’s lunch and dinner. I’m learning to go knuckles deep when eating with my hands. In grammar school, I didn’t like finger painting because it made my hands messy. But then I didn’t have to eat the finger paints to subsist.

We’re spoking out into smaller villages now and meeting even more photogenic folks. Though today we drove for about an hour through long grass following a footpath that I was occasionally convinced was going to end in a ditch, empty gas tank, and hyena hijinx.

tribal scarred woman
Tribal scars of a woman somewhere off a not-well beaten path in Gogriel West county
boy hauling sticks
Haulin' sticks cross the dusty plain

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  1. susan

    damn, keith. just stunning.

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