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Afternoon Tukol Boozin’

During a lull this afternoon, while we waited for some folks to run around collecting village names for us, we stopped by the friend (center) of malaria program manager Peter Matiop’s (on the left above), who generously supplied a bountiful lunch of ugali and meat. He kept offering to slaughter a goat, but that seemed excessive.

We refuged for an hour or so in one of his huts and his family fetched some colas and, specifically for me, two half-liter cans of Efes 9% Extra Strong Beer. Do I have lush written on my forehead?

“Oh, that’s very generous, but I’m so full.”

“It’s okay, you can drink one now, and take one with you.” So I did. Cultural sensitivity is important to me. And as I cracked it open, our host changed the cassette in the boombox to an English-language hip hop tape, opening with the passionate lyrics, “We break up and we make up, that’s all we do. / But when we make love, everything is coo-ool.”

I have yet to meet a man who can finish a whole Cold Cock can.

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