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Dead Do Nothing Empty Day

In Warrab, Warrab, kinda like Walla Walla. It’s the Walla Walla of these parts. Or maybe more like Djibouti, Djibouti. I don’t really know. I’ve never been to either.

I hung around most of the day, played hide and seek with the sun (and lost). And took photos of the compound and its environs. The above is a photo of my door. t’s not a Rothko. I know you were wondering.

Nobody’s around. We had one brief meeting today. The rest of the day we’ve spent at a rudimentary hotel run by Episcopal churchfolk. They’re very sweet and sang hymns in the evening that sounded sweet. For a while.

empty parking lot and three flagpoles
Parking lot and flagpoles in front of municipal administration building.

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