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Party at the Pump

Time to fill the jugs

children with jugs on heads

So much conversation, so little English. I don’t expect people to speak English, and I don’t think many people really expect me to speak Dinka or any of the local languages, but I still feel bad when people smile, shake my hand, and look me with the eyes with conviction and make a statement. Which happened a lot today.

We hit a couple small, remote, lively villages and almost everybody loved having their photo taken. The above image was taken with a long lens, so I don’t know how they felt about it. Unfortunately, even though they’d probably have consented if I went up closer, I’m sure they would’ve lined up next to each other like the usual suspects and ruined the photo.

I feel bad shooting without permission, but I’m not really able to explain to people that I want casual, candid images so they should just go about their business and I’ll surreptitiously sneak into their world and steal photos to show my friends.

man in military outfit
This man used to be much bigger.

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  1. Kathy

    I bet you never shook so many hands in your life…kudual….kudual aret….

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