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If I Liked Children, I’d Have Stolen These Two to Keep in My Basement and Stunt their Growth

Don’t You Just Want to Eat Them Up!

ak-47 and hand radio
AK-47 and transistor radio--the two essential accoutrements of any respectable soldier

In between village hoedown meetin’s, we stopped in a bazaar while my friend went looking to find someone who’d promised him an updated list of village populations.

Waiting in the car, I quickly acquired an audience. They’d come and go for the most part, but these two stood there for about 20 minutes with their fingers in their mouths and their eyes affixed firmly to me.

It’s been another day chock full of portraits, as I’ve been able to excuse myself from meetings that I don’t understand and meander through villages to make a spectacle of myself as the gods must be crazy man who fell to earth and steals people’s souls.

babies holding babies
You can't go very long in Africa without taking another 'babies holding babies' photo.
boy looking at me like i'm an alien
No, I'm not an alien. I'm just white and bald.

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