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Civic Priorities

Lights Now, Asphalt Later

This is my favorite intersection in Wau, the four-way traffic lights on a dirt road. At night they even light up. Well, when there’s power anyway of course.

Final pop into Wau today to refuel and again criss-cross the Jur River on the only bridge I’ve ever been on with potholes. Cutting back north again tomorrow to Tonj East, the most remote of the counties I’ll visit.

While in the big city I got my head and face shaved with clippers, which was the most painful head treatment I’ve had in a while. It felt like teeny pincers crawling across my face and scalp. The barber fellow wanted to leave me with a moustache, which I kept for about three minutes and then insisted on its removal before I was drafted into a porn movie.

moustachioed monkey

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