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Tarzan Couldn’t Take this Kind of Hot.

132 degrees
I brought my alarm clock in shortly after the numbers stopped climbing, and before the cheap little device melted in the sand.

We spent almost all of today inside, away from Mean Mr. Sun. I read most of Crime and Punishment on the Kindle in my hut. We did go downtown (and by downtown I mean the one-horse multiple-cattle stretch of dirt road with shops selling cola and hair exetensions) for a late lunch that served as dinner.

It’s 102 degrees in the hut and stepping outside is like stepping inside a wood stove and putting on a yak-pelt blanket. 132 degrees. I used two different thermometers to confirm I’m not exaggerating and my alarm clock isn’t a hypochondriac.

Any way you shake it, it’s hot. Really hot. Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.


  1. Taking the ovwevier, this post hits the spot

  2. Kokeilin joskus vuosia sitten omenoiden kuivaamista uunissa, mutta toi sun testaama pyykinkuivaustelinetekniikka vaikuttaa paljon paremmalta. Uunia piti pitää tosi pitkään päällä, mikä paitsi kulutti hirmuisesti energiaa jumitti myös pitkäksi aikaa kotiin, mikä voi kiireiselle olla joskus ongelma.Ilmenikö kuivauksessa mitään ongelmia, banaanikärpäisiä tms.?

  3. Well most of today’s writing seems to have been blog comments and show reports!Still digesting the old story, have read it over several times today and have scribbled a couple of notes on the print out, but think I’m gonna sleep on it and give it another shot tomorrow.So glad everyone has had such a productive day today JM Merchant recently posted..

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