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School’s Out

These kids were almost a great photo.

blue woman in Rummach
Spontaneous posing in downtown Rummach

I like this photo, but it’s not the photo I wanted. This pack of yutes were sitting under a tree in front of a chalkboard for their morning lesson. It was all charming and stuff. And then I came over and they immediately went into their kwaja phalanx. Oh well, you get what you get, not what you plan for.

The villages we hit today are about as remote as we’ll get. Near the photo above is a town that served as a British garrison long, long ago in an empire far, far away. There’s still an old patchy dirt runway and collapsing brick buildings with tin roofs more solid than anything going up today.

I was told by a local administrator that during World War II, Queen Elizabeth was hidden in this town to protect her. Many dubious tales prove true in travel, but this one simply doesn’t add up to me. And internet research is yielding nothing. I can’t imagine why she’d be in Sudan during the war. King George VI (the King’s Speech fellow) did in fact visit Sudan with his wife Elizabeth when he was still prince, so I’m sure they visited this little town while in the neighborhood.

staring youths
Sometimes it's fun being perceived as a bizarre creature from another planet (downtown Rummach)
boy in light
The boy who came out of the light. And into the dirt.
older man in small town
A concerned citizen listens to talk of mosquito nets.

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