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More Tikes of Tonj

green man with pipe
I was only mildly disappointed when this man's pipe did not blow bubbles.

Made one more successful meeting stop in Tonj East in the hut from which the above photo was taken. Then spent the rest of the day driving south to the town of Tonj. I went for a brief walk about town and watched prisoners being escorted across the street into their yard after a day’s work, saw a man without a hand waving, and was stopped by a woman seven feet tall who asked me something in astonishment in a language I do not speak and then watched me pass in confusion.

I’m hungry. It’s Saturday night. Funny to remember that. It’s been a while since a weekend night meant anything.

little girl in coffeehouse
Pretzel child in a coffee/tea shack

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  1. Lynn

    OMG! you went to Tonj! Did you know (no, why would you) that the Tonj court had the highest criminal stats (read, murder rate) of all the courts in South Sudan. That’s saying something.

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