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Chicks on Handlebars

This man is on to something.

It’s Sunday. Took a sweaty afternoon nap and read for scattered hours. I would think of the day as a bit of an empty one if not for our morning coffee.

We crossed the street to a bundle of sticks stacked into a tea & coffee fort that makes incredibly strong and delicious coffee with coriander seeds crushed in it. As we sat and sipped with nowhere to go, a man in an Obama t-shirt rode his bicycle up and offered live chickens. Which were conveniently strapped by their sharp talons to the bike’s handlebars. About half a dozen of them. It makes quite an image when in motion.

Although I’d been warned not to take any photos in this particularly paranoid town, this was too irresistible. It’s bad lighting, but you get the idea.

I love it when a small random event is enough to keep you amused for the whole day.

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