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Bobbing for Babies

dirty little girl
One of the big chief's dusty daughters

The curiosity of wee ones is always entertaining. This little lady tried to put her head inside my lens hood.

Today may have been the first morning I’ve woken up knowing where I am. Usually I lie with my eyes closed several seconds, open them, look around, and then think, “Oh, right. I’m in Southern Sudan.”

Although this past month has been intensely beautiful in its vast plains of time to read and reflect on just about everything in my last few decades of dawdling, I’ll admit that when I wake up, I usually have an incredible desire for waffles. And there are no waffles here. So, when I wake up and realize where I am, I’m sometimes sad. Because of the waffles.

I did find Baltika 9 here anyway, for about $1.50 per half-liter can. Ah, Baltika… Nothing like a hot 9% alcohol Russian beer in the middle of a dusty, suspicious African town to bring back memories.

three very different little boys
Most boys with massive scarring avoid the camera. It's actually reassuring to see this one behaving seemingly unaware. So I figured I'd point it out.
dust in the air
Preceding the first rain of the season, it's been an incredibly windy today. That giant hovering cloud is high-rising dust. Good for the lungs. Gives them character.

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