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Holy Moses, Batman

sinai sunrise
Sunrise from Sinai's Shoulder. Sexy!

The above is a wee church at the peak of 2,285-meter Mt. Sinai. Turns out Julie and I are not in the best shape of our lives and this outcrop not much higher than Mt. Washington was mocking us throughout the pre-dawn. Good to get some exercise anyway.

We didn’t make it to the peak for sunrise but instead caught it from an isolated little nook that we think was probably better, as we passed 50 or so tourists descending from the morning showing as we made our way up the final Steps of Repentance to the tip top. When we reached the peak, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Which is nice.

Unfortunately, no sign of the smashed third tablet, rough drafts, or bonus commandments. Still, lovely view.

Churchbell atop church atop Mt. Sinai.

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