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Nefertari: Isolated, Deadly, Prohibitively Expensive Queen of the Hill

Wanna see the coolest tomb in the Valley of the Queens? Too bad. Nefertari has been semi-closed for years now. For around $5,000 USD, you can visit the tomb for 10 minutes (see this 2007 London Times article for more on that). But no photography, no licking the sarcophagus, and no carving “Bob is a homo” on Osiris’s thigh.

Interesting to note though that most of the tombs are full of graffiti, and much of it old. Old old. Like written in Ancient Greek old. To be fair, they didn’t have public toilets the way we do now.

In any case, Nefertari’s wall paintings are actually on a thin layer of plaster, which is deteriorating quickly, and even a little bit of human-breath humidity is none too good. Knowing this makes the above photo entrance appear more mysterious to me.

If there were no photos of the tomb, this mystery would be a lot cooler.



  1. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlobem!

  2. lol nice to read someone else do this and nice to see people aren't saying things like oh…you talk to animals and inanimate objects? Ya well the mood in which I am right now , I might kill the lion by just talking…

  3. PI, j’ai justement dit que, cette fois, je n’ai rien à redire de ce texte. Sauf son style, comme d’habitude, redondant et qui s’écoute se lire tout haut…Re- évoquer Onfray?Des menaces??????? Gasp!!!!!

  4. the new de-icer is way more corrosive than rock salt. Thanks for your concern about Pam. We’ll be in Bangor around the end of next month, hope to see you then.

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