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Sand on the Run

julie in the sand
Jawa Julie

There are something like seven sand seas in the world. Outside of Siwa is one of them. The glacial masses blow and shift dramatically on a daily basis. The sand is a fine dust that blows over your footprints in a matter of minutes (that’s a fast matter).

And it gets into your camera and can clog up the buttons for a few days as well. Stepping into a duneside, my leg disappeared up to my calf and sandal stuck as in deep muck. So hiking about was like trudging through thirsty, hot snow.

We spent our final afternoon in Western Egypt out frolicking in the sand. Depth of field disappears quickly, staring at the often monochromatic, misting mounds until the sun starts to descend; then brilliant colors and shadows carve soft silhouettes in every direction. And blow your mind, man.

There are also numerous fossils to be found in sections of old seabed. The area lies about 100 feet below sea level. One of the fossils is encaged to protect it (or keep it from fleeing). It is a giant fish. Apparently. We could not see it.

And that’s one to grow on.

Sometime I’ll have a whole gallery of sand photos.

silky sand dunes
"Like sand from wall to wall. I know a great sand guy, we'll get it at price."
black and white sand dune
This dune raised many more philosophical questions once it was converted into black and white.
silky sand waves
The silken, sad uncertain rustling of a sandy curtain.


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  1. susan

    …and I will stare at that gallery of sand photos for hours. they’re hypnotic! and stunning. as usual.

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