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Come On, Boys. Let’s Be Mature about This.

I wasn’t in Gondar for an hour when I walked into a group of macho muchcachos comparing the sizes of their roosters. It all goes back to Gondar’s history as the Camelot of Ethiopia, where King Fasiladas the Flacid sunk in his tent poles and built a capital castle funtime fortress in the 17th Century.

For a time, kings had been keeping court around Lake Tana, but apparently decided they did not like all the malaria and disease that come with low sea-level lake districts. And so to Gondar they came. At 2,300 meters, it’s higher than Mt. Washington, which is also malaria free. Coincidence? Hardly.

little girl in awe of me
Little girls always give me stares when I stroll topless and jingling in my many, high-quality gold chains.
women and tuk tuk in gondar
"I think you're right; it's totally dead."

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