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Binoculating the Bleeding Heart Baboons


simien mountain humps
Lovely mountain humps

They’re out there. Somewhere.

Contrary to what you may have heard, bleeding-heart baboons do not travel in single file to hide their numbers. They hide in the scrub to hide, which works even better I think.

My first full day in Gondar I went out on a hiking day trip in the Simien Mountains, doing little more than dipping my big toe in the endless landscape of canyons, awkward peaks as jagged as quickly torn colored paper in a middle-school art class.

But not for naught. We saw Colobus monkeys and big roaming packs of the bleeding-heart baboon, so named because they support universal healthcare and collective bargaining.

bleeding heart baboon
A bleeding-heart baboon, most likely unemployed and bitching about people who work for a living.

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