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We’re Going Steady

It’s That Time of Year

sheep on shoulders
Best buds for a day

As one of the world’s oldest Christian nation, and proud of it, Ethiopia takes Easter deadly seriously. There’s a lot of fasting for Lent, which has meant a lot of good vegetarian food for me. But tomorrow is Easter, and the blood of food creatures will flood the streets in celebration of the resurrection of the Jesus.

Time to splurge for a slaughter. And that means people are coming into town to purvey and purchase livestock. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting  a soon-to-be-dead sheep today.

people and animals without faces
So many personalities, so few faces
sheep for sale
Sheep shoppin'
woman upset
I think someone took this woman's goat. Not cool.
tuggin' the bull
Good luck with that.


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  1. setotaw

    that is good

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