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Haile Selassie’s Revenge

How Could Anyone Get Sick from this Meal?

lalibela dude
This guy probably knew I would get sick today and didn't say anything. I hate people like that.

This morning I woke up and felt done with Aksum. After visiting Arktown yesterday, I took a good stroll up into the hills to visit an empty church and felt, well, done. Dreading the thought of about three days on a bus to my next stop of Lalibela, I decided to look into a flight at about 9:30 this morning. For $40 there was a flight at 11:30. Tough to argue with that. So a couple hours later I arrived in the rock-hewn churchyards of Ethiopia’s most-visited attraction.

After checking into a hotel, I scored the above-photographed lunch of spicy meat chunks (and what looks like the knuckle of a T-Rex). It was tasty, but even going down there were ominous omens upon my taste buds. About 15 minutes after finishing, I was hustling back to my hotel where I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon regretting my lunch.

Since Easter, it’s meat meat meat everywhere. No vegetarian meals to be found. And with each meal, my stomach stands about a 50/50 chance of processing the intake unscathed. I see more weight loss in my immediate future…

Ethiopian canyon lands
The reason Aksum to Lalibela is a half-hour flight and a two- to three-day bus ride.


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  1. Caitlin Ryan

    You should’ve gone for the bus ride!

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