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Run for the Kenyan Border

I am on one of the most comfortable buses of my life—soft red seats with big head cushions. Let’s just hope nobody decides to watch a movie on the flat panel screen a few feet in front of my head.

Crossed the Nile this afternoon and on to the Uganda / Kenya border (Kenya side in photo above). Another typical border town—cargo trucks lined up, people trading currency at absurd rates with fingers to divide five different denominations in a hand fan of bills, lawn chairs and bananas for sale. Last chance to get them before the border. Tempting.

While waiting at the immigration counter I noticed a free condom dispenser on the Kenyan side. I like that, but hope that nobody was planning on getting back on my bus and using them.

kampala coach at night
The Kampala Coach slick willy red dragon seatbelted safety machine of love. In a crappy part of Kenya late at nightish.

The immigration officer saw my previous transit visa and asked why I didn’t just get a multiple-entry visa for Kenya for $25. Now I need to pay $10 a second time for a visa that will take up an entire page in my passport. He asked me to confirm three times that I was sure I would not return to Kenya anytime soon to make sure my decision for another transit visa was prudent. Touching really.


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