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Dilly Dally Days on the Zanzibari Coast

Ok, so I vowed to have a photo per day of my traveling, but an entry per day for the last several days would be just plain silly, as the kids say.

I’ve been with fine and fun peoples—friends, peers, peers of friends, and friends of peers–at a location on the northern tip of Zanzibar, spending several days reading, ruminating, swimming, swashbuckling, discussing the diatribes of despots, and digesting delectables. Few people photos (as always at these things for better and worse). The shot of my feets above is from yesterday, May 18.

La Gemma Dell'Est, Zanzibar
May 15: Arrival at La Gemma Dell'Est (translation: Cracker Town)
La Gemma Dell'Est at night, Zanzibar
May 16: Descent into Madness. Well, water.
rain on a pool in Zanzibar
May 17: Almost a half hour of rain. This is BS.
misty lens pool and walkway photo in Zanzibar
May 18: No, this wasn't taken as part of a dream sequence (otherwise there'd be a midget), but after the rapid transfer of my camera from an air-conditioned room to that sweet hot sticky May Zanzibari climate
henna tattoo ferry
May 19: Ferry back to Dar. I think all the henna tattooage represent a recent bride. I learned that in cultural awareness class.



  1. susan

    If you one day find yourself sitting in an office space cubicle with a tie around your neck and bags under your eyes, you should either have that top photo playing on repeat in your brain, or banish it from your memory entirely. That looks like the life!

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