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Gimme Some of That Liquid Sweet Yellow Sunshine

It’s the same old story: bus stops and everybody wants to sell you water, bananas, donutty things, and a petrol can of piss-yellow liquid that I think is intended for oral consumption.

This photo was taken somewhere in central Tanzania, between Dodoma—the administrative capital—and Kahama, a small town that is on a road.

Yesterday was primarily devoted to acquiring a bus ticket from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma, on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. It’s a two-day journey, and many people wanted to help me buy a ticket. So very sweet. At one point I had to shake off three men who each wanted to escort me to a different company and pick up a commission. They practically took hold of me Wizard of Oz style until I stopped cold and just sat down like the village idiot that I probably am.

In any case, I got a ticket for five this morning and we scratched and dug across the country until we came to this place, Kahama. Long-distance buses aren’t allowed to drive through the night, so we stopped in this town a little after dusk and I wandered inconspicuously in the dark to the nearest hotel.

jambo inn hotel room
May 20: The Jambo Inn Hotel in Dar es Salaam did their best to make me believe I was still on Zanzibar. Though I don't know why they need to always make the mosquito net look like a noose.
Kahama skyline
May 21: The famous Kahama skyline from my hotel balcony. Turned 90 degrees accidentally halfway through a 30-second exposure.


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  1. susan

    ahh, Kahama. I’d recognize that skyline anywhere.

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