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Hip-hopopotamus and the Big Five Minus Two

audrey and the baboon
Never flee a hungry baboon.

The photo above makes me think Gary Larson was a much more realistic artist than I ever knew.

Even the sounds of a can opener could not bring out the big cats today. No lions or leopards but otherwise we managed to have a decent animal spotting day out at Murchison Falls—elephants, giraffes, various antelopey creatures (many of the cute little ones though really just look like bait) and of course lots of hiphopapotamuses.

Warthogs hung about camp like dogs. Ugly dogs with tusks from the Island of Misfit Pets. Supposedly hippos graze in the camp late at night but I had no luck waking to see them, despite the liter of water I downed just before bed.

We did get to witness nature at its best in a classic hunting adventure, as Audrey was assaulted by a frisky punk baboon who hankered for her lunch leftovers.

The baboon got what he wanted. They always do.

The baboon
A "giraffe"
elephant herd
Elephant herd shortly after we were threatened with a charge. My quick wits saved the lives of everyone in the park that day. Long story though.
Hungry hungry? Perhaps.
elephant eye
Our very first elephant. You never forget your first. And neither does he. For better or worse.
Momo meat.
Just in case you thought we had the park to ourselves...


  1. Christine Conway

    Keith, believe me, those hippos were real! I lay awake listening to them one night. They were VERY close – so close I didn’t look out as I reckoned it would be too much information. Next morning when I summoned up the courage to step outside, the tent next to mine was leaning over at a jaunty angle….
    I don’t think I’ll ever forget the baboon vs Audrey match; the poor woman’s scarred for life!

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