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Happy Birthday (to Me & Jacques Cousteau, RIP)

Falk in the green machine niva
Falk at dusk, dreaming of going reverse in mud

Niva’ed and Nissan’ed into southeastern Kakheti near the Azeri border looking for mud volcanoes today. We failed in that. But I’ll tell you what we succeeded at: having fun! Zzzing! High fives! Woohoo! Who’s with me? Kazaam.

A nice swim in Dali Lake/ Reservoir and six of us in dual 4×4’s carousing with the temporarily verdant hills. The highlight was the rainstorm that got us stuck in a farmer’s field and required teamwork that brilliantly illuminated everybody’s personalities (including my lack of helpfulness). All the while a belligerent old Georgian we’d picked up sat in the backseat and grumbled.

Just before the rain really hit, the air was crisp, we hopped out of our cars and I snapped the above photo of Leslie in the misty wind.

We got back into Tbilisi later than planned but in time for dinner and drinks with more friends I haven’t seen in ages. Thanks to all for a great birthday and the certificate for a free leeching. Everybody needs a leeching, not just children.

Kakheti road to Hopefully-Hans-Knows-Where
birthday crew
Birthday crew: Leslie, Hans, me, Caitlin, Falk, and Miriam

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