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I Don’t Think the IDPs Live Here Anymore

But if they do, they’ve clearly unionized.

hotel iveria
The last photo I took of the Hotel Iveria, about seven years ago I think

For a wicked long time, the Iveria Hotel in downtown Tbilisi was the Soviet Inturist. Then, as you may have heard, the USSR ran out of love and died. And then there was war and sadness in Abkhazia, which led to internally displaced people taking refuge in the Iveria. And that’s how I remember it.

But then they were paid to leave, and the building was gutted, and now, behold. The Radisson Blu. Good story, yeah?

I could wander around with a camera through the backstreets of Tbilisi for days, and often do when I’m stone drunk and don’t remember who I am or where my trousers might be.

blue beaten up door buzzer in Tbilisi
I don't know who lives here, but I hope they buzz me in.
These windows and balconies were hidden for decades behind Andropov's Ears.
Luka I love you with my broken heart.
This almost makes me feel bad about shagging Luka.

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