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Hiding on the Backstreets

Where Photos Play Nice Together

I wanted to post a bunch of photos from my meandering today around Tbilisi, but many were vertical so I was like, “Hey, you should just kinda stitch them together.” To which I responded, “Good idea.” And then I said, “But you should eat some pelmeni too.” “Right on,” I told myself.  But first we collected these photos together, and the two horizontal ones at top of an apartment building and a mail slot.

Then we made pelmeni and sat together in uncomfortable silence for a while.

See the complete Streets of Tbilisi set Flickr.

stairways in tbilisi
Stairways: kinda like doors
tbilisi places
(L) Note the peasant zoo bears in the background, (M) Another new glass structure in Tbilisi, (R) I have nothing to say about this one
stitched tbilisi streets
(L) Blank billboard between the circus and the zoo, (M) Transparent billboard by the abandoned TsUM, (R) A bunch of rectangles

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