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Of All the Towers in All of Svaneti…

svan tower window
Svan tower window in the silhouetted shape of a man whose face has been removed

This particular tower serves as a museum so I wasn’t the only person trolling through. Most of the towers are attached to residences, so it would be weird if I just walked in. Not that I wouldn’t, I’m just sayin’.

The above photo is shot through a hole between floors. The inside is pretty much what you’d imagine (obviously I don’t actually know what sick things you imagine exactly, but I’m going to pretend you’re not a pervert): stone and wood floors with manhole-sized passages and ladders between the four or five stories.

Not only would these be good defenses from which to assault invaders or at least mock their mothers in thick French accents, but from each floor you could pelt your sibling if he were chasing after you. Or you could photograph unsuspecting travel companions. Theoretically.

See complete Svaneti photos on my flickr page.

robin comes out of the hole
Robin practices her siege smile
man, beer, boy
A man, a boy, 4 liters of beer, and, presumably, a tower.
door with no stairs
Svans build great towers, but they often forget the stairs
reflection of mountains
There's no tower in this photo, but I still like it.

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  1. Robin

    nice shootin from the hip – natakhtari and only a mildly suspicious glance.

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