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The Obligatory Ushguli Photo

outhouse on river
Hmm. This almost makes me think twice about fording rivers here...

Luckily Ushguli is not a household reference. Except in Ushguli of course.

If you’ve seen photos of Ushguli (or anything from Upper Svaneti), you’ve probably seen (or taken) the photo above. It’s kinda hard not to take it, so I didn’t resist. It’s the scene on the UNESCO page for the region. Anyway, it’s pretty. Get off my back.

We hopped a Lexus SUV taxi two-and-a-half hours along an often submerged, always bumpy road from Mestia into the heart of Upper Svaneti: three villages full of piggies and horses and sheeps and the rare Georgian meadow gorilla.

An afternoon stroll turned into a slippery scale up the crumbling shale of a streambed to Queen Tamar’s towers, looming over the valley. I really like the steep, angular farming technique here, versus terraces. It sometimes looks like a scene from Inception when they fold over the grid of the city. Only I don’t have a dead wife plaguing me that I know of.

See complete Svaneti photos on my flickr page.

young svan girls
I don't trust these Svan girls as far as I can throw them. That said, they look pretty light.
ushguli village
Like ents, the towers are known for occasionally congregating during times of crisis
ushguli village scene
A cute scene of impoverished folky people


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